I am a middle-aged, regular, non-athletic, unattractive, unexciting, introvert Filipino dude just trying to live life one day at a time. I don’t talk much, I rarely socialize and interact with other people but I am not a cave man so I do go out on occasion… when invited… and told that the night will be free of charge… (don’t judge me) 😑 wordcloud

My life has been a roller coaster ride and I will be sharing that here in the coming weeks, if I can maintain a schedule and commit to something I didn’t just randomly pickup and say “hey, why don’t I start blogging about my life”. *insert chuckle here* I actually need to start writing like this so I can be comfortable in doing so in the future… when I will start doing it for money… because nothing is actually free in this world and lifetime.

To MY surprise, there are parts of me that is like everybody else. I, too, am fond music and I can appreciate different forms of art. Motorcycles and bikes keeps me out of my laptop’s face. Tattoos and the pain that comes with it gives my already plummeting confidence a tiny boost. I get turned on by attractive women so I can say that’s pretty ordinary of me. This list can go on but I should give it a break for now so that I will have something to talk about next time.

I am not a writer or a journalist, so I won’t have substantial content most of the time. However, I will try me best to keep it light, informative or familiar so that reading my stuff won’t be such a bore, like it already is. There will be more of me for sure and you have to brace yourself because it’s going to be a long… long… uneventful journey.


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