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Music is home

Home studio hanging with the fam

I have been making music since I was probably nine or ten years old. It was around the time when I started learning the keyboards that I got curious of what kind music I can make if I just start mashing different chords together. I guess I was just lucky enough to live in a house where everyone loved music as much as, if not more than, me. I turned to music maybe because I was not any good with words and got to a point where I am now able to produce non-professional music as a form to communicate with people around me.

For a self-taught musician like me, it is hard to produce music not only because of the lack of skill but also because of the challenge of getting to know what equipment or tools to use without the guidance of a professional. Slowly but surely, I learned about these different pieces of equipment and I will start to put up my production gear.

keys close-up

First on my list is a midi-keyboard, this is a type of keyboard that can be hooked to a computer to trigger sounds, functions and adjustments from an application. This will primarily help me play music into the computer and record it. I was looking around and I found an affordable option from Music Planet. I will be visiting their branch which is just a few minutes from my house and will post an update after.

For the meantime, here is a song I made using a digital audio workstation I installed on my laptop. I mostly write about something emotionally relatable so people can get to know me through my music.

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If you find the music interesting enough, you can check my other songs and covers at SOUNDCLOUD.

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Awesome sights and night ligts

Here are a few pictures I took from Devonport, Auckland. I braved the winter breeze for this, I hope you like them!


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